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New February Programming Cycle!

Happy Friday Fitfam! What an incredible week for re-testing our programming cycle! If you haven’t browsed our instagram stories this week, do it! It’s so ...
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New Year, New Programming Cycle!

Happy January Fitfam!  This Sunday, January 7th will mark the end of our current December SWEAT programming cycle! Meanwhile, our December SWEAT Challenge wrapped up ...
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The Truth About Calorie Burn During Exercise…How Many Calories Are You Actually Burning?

In the pursuit of fitness and a healthier lifestyle, many of us have faced the frustrating scenario of dedicating hours to the gym, giving it ...
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New Season, New Programming Cycle

September got here so quickly! What an incredible amount of progress we saw in our Summer Sizzle programming cycle. The large amount of PR’s were ...
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Finding Balance: Incorporating Active Recovery Days into Your Training Routine

In the pursuit of fitness goals, it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset of pushing harder, lifting heavier, and constantly challenging ourselves. While ...
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Mental and Physical Strategies for Overcoming Challenges in CrossFit

CrossFit is more than just a physical workout; it’s a transformative journey that challenges you mentally and physically. As you push yourself to new limits, ...
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You Want Results? Sleep More and Workout Less

The Surprising Link Between Sleep and Fitness Results Unveiling the Power of Quality Sleep in Achieving Your Fitness Goals Introduction: When it comes to achieving ...
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Summer Sizzle – Programming Cycle

Welcome to the our Summer Sizzle Cycle! Starting Monday, July 4! STRENGTH How often will it be done, what will be the focus? This cycle ...
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Keto, Paleo, Zone, Carnivore…They Are All Worthless

Debunking Diet Fads: Finding a Sustainable Approach to Nutrition Embracing a Balanced Whole Food Diet at 416 Fitness Club In the world of nutrition, there’s ...
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Cardio is a Waste of Time… Here’s Why!

Challenging the Traditional Notion of Cardio Workouts Reevaluating Fitness Strategies: The CrossFit Perspective In the world of fitness, cardio workouts have long been considered a ...
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