Why Track Your Workouts?

You hear this often in Functional Fitness Gyms. Scores, counting and workout logging. How many reps? How much weight on the bar? How fast did …

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NEW programming cycle!!

The time has finally come. Back to the gym and back to the barbell.  It’s been quite the ride and we couldn’t be more excited …

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Member highlight – Lauren

Meet Lauren!  Lauren has taken what it means to be a strong, badass mama to the next level. She’s been crushing workouts with us pre, …

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How to quit the yo-yo workout pattern for good

You started a new workout program! It’s great and exciting! You lost 3lbs in 1 week!  But… 3 weeks in, those targets you set initially, …

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Member highlight – John

“I was born here in Toronto! My mother is from the Philippines and my father is from Newfoundland.  For work, I manage a team at …

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Read this if you’re feeling intimidated by fitness and nutrition

How many of the terms below have you heard of? HIIT workouts! Weightlifting! Nutrition. Core wok. Calories. Deadlifts. Intermittent fasting. Steady state cardio. Keto!! Oof. …

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Outdoor Classes with 416 Fitness Club

We’re thrilled to announce that the wait is over…outdoor classes are BACK!  Are you ready to sweat outdoors, reunite with gym friends, and get in-person …

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What you don’t know about personal training

Personal training is a term thrown around allll the time. Every fitness magazine, blog, website, Facebook ad, depicts it differently. So as a result, we …

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Not motivated to work from home? Read this.

“The more you move, the easier is it to keep moving” I saw this quote on some influencer’s instagram story lately, and it stuck with …

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The Domino Effect of Sleep

We all know what a good night sleep feels like.  We say it all the time.. “I really need to get a good nights sleep”, …

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