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New Year, New Programming Cycle!

Happy January Fitfam! 

This Sunday, January 7th will mark the end of our current December SWEAT programming cycle! Meanwhile, our December SWEAT Challenge wrapped up on the 31st, with all the festive stickers proudly displayed on the leaderboard and the points tallied – keep your eyes on our social media (@416fitnessclub) this Friday, January 5th, when we’ll be announcing the winners!

Now that we’re into January it’s time to get pumped (pun intended) about our next programming cycle! What is a programming cycle? Here’s a quick refresher: 

A programming cycle refers to a structured period of training during which we target specific movements and /or workouts in order to improve our abilities. For example, in the upcoming programming cycle we will find our 3 rep max Power Cleans in week 1. Then in weeks 2-5 we will work on improving technique and adding load, then to test again in week 6.

Why do we test and retest? Testing weeks allow us to find a baseline for where we are at, so that we can retest to see how much we’ve improved over the programming cycle. 

Without further adieu, here are some things you can look forward to in the coming weeks:

When: January 8 – February 18

Testing Week: January 8 

Re-Test Week: February 12 

Back Squat & Row – Work Capacity Test 

Test: Monday January 8

Re-Test: Monday February 12 

3 RM Power Clean

Test: Friday, January 12

Re-Test: Friday, February 16

10 RM Deadlift – (Volume) 

Test: Wednesday, January 10

Re-Test: Wednesday, February 14

3RM Push Jerk 

Test: Thursday, January 11

Re-Test: Thursday, February 15th 

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about skill work, you’ll also get T2B, Pull Ups, Handstand Push Ups & Muscle Up work. Love gymnastics, watch for the small group program coming up!

The goal each week is to progress these movements, building our capacity through weight and rep ranges. Each Sunday at 6:30pm your programming for the week will be posted. You can choose to review it and plan your week according to your goals and focuses, or if you prefer a surprise just come in on the days that work for you. Either way, there will be lots of opportunities to work on your strengths and turn old weaknesses into new strengths!

Let’s also not forget we’ve got EMOM Monday’s, Partner Saturday’s, and Accessory Sunday’s continuing through this programming cycle!

Looking ahead to February, the 2024 CrossFit Open begins February 29! There will be plenty of lighter weight metcons to work on barbell cycling and your conditioning in preparation for the Open. AND there will be an Open WOD from a previous year programmed each week of this cycle! Ready to hit some Open WODS?!!

Keep watch for our 416 Fitness Club’s celebration of the CrossFit Open – LEAGUE. Details & Registration is coming very soon! To learn about the CrossFit Open – https://games.crossfit.com/open/overview

Mark your calendars: 

24.1 – March 1

24.2 – March 8

24.3 – March 15 (Friday Night Lights & Wrap Up Party) 

Other Important Upcoming Dates:

January 11 – Group Basics Starts Up!

January 20 – After Saturday’s classes head over to Boxcar Social on Harbourfront for a Coffee! (Brunch menu available!) – Meeting @Noon after OPEN GYM!

January 26 – WOD & Hang @7:30pm – Bonus Community Workout

February 13th – Gymnastics Program Small Group Cohort Kicks Off – Led by Coach Megs

416 Monthly Challenges – #wedohardthings

With December Sweat wrapping up we’re kick off 2024 with a new Daily Challenge! 

January’s Daily Challenge: Accumulate 100 Burpees 

How to participate: Complete the challenge and mark off daily on the challenge board in the gym! Challenges can be completed in or out of the gym. Those that complete the challenge 17 days or MORE in the month will be entered to win Boxcar Social Gift Cards! 

Want more entries? Every time you post your challenge on Social Media and tag us, earn an entry. (1x per day). 

There’s tons to look forward to in 2024 at 416 Fitness Club, and we’re excited for the journey with you all!

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