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Membership Holds

Members must notify us in advance if they would like their membership to be put on hold. Please give us at least 48 business hours for processing. Viable reasons for a hold include: injury, extended vacation, etc. Holds can be set for a minimum of 14 days and maximum of 3 months. Holds cannot be retroactively set. 
To place a membership on hold, please fill our the form below with the requested hold dates and confirmation that the following conditions are understood:
  1. All holds must have a definitive start and end date. End dates can be extended or terminated early if necessary.
  2. The minimum hold period is 14 days
  3. The maximum hold period is 3 months
  4. There are no retroactive holds. You must notify us at least 48 business hours in advance if you wish to place your membership on hold. We will do our best to process as quickly as possible.
  5. If you do not return to the gym after your set end date and do not contact us to extend your hold, your membership will resume and no refunds will be issued.
  6. Members can request up to 2 holds per year. No restriction to downgrades of classes.
  7. When a hold is applied, it pushes out the billing/ renewal date. For example, the billing date was the first of every month. Hold applied on the 10th, for 14 days (the 23rd it ends), making the 24th date of return – new billing date will be the 13th of the next month. This gives you the same amount of days in which to use your classes.
Alternatively consider changing your class membership while you are away. There is no limit to upgrades and downgrades on classes. Current membership must be in good standing.
Want to discuss your options? Email: info@416fitnessclub.com

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