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416 Fitness Club – Our Vision, Focus, and Values

416 Fitness Club

Nine years has given us the confidence to really understand who we are and how to deliver the best service possible to our community.  Our journey is about helping members believe in themselves, develop meaningful relationships, and genuinely enjoying the gym experience

416 Fitness Club’s inclusive, supportive approach is delivered by badass, knowledgeable, and professional coaches; challenging and effective programming; where we celebrate all wins, no matter how small they may seem.

As a team, and a community, we strive to live by the following Vision, Focus, and Values:


To lead our clients to their health and fitness goals by delivering an inclusive environment that is centered around positive change, fun, and education. We provide a home for employees to develop a career and foster ideas to move our training methodology, clients, and the industry forward.


To provide the best hour of our members day through a personalized approach that includes top-tier coaching, results-driven programming, a supportive community, and an unforgettable gym experience.

Core Values

As a team and a community we live by the following values:



We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We respect our fellow members, coaches, staff, and facility at all times.


We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We are committed to conducting our business in a manner that enables us to treat members, guests, and staff with honesty, dignity, and respect at all times.



We are open to learning from our coaches and fellow members every single day.  We strive to become experts in our own health and wellness.


Coaching is teaching, and members are students.  We strive to educate members in all aspects of fitness and wellness, throughout their lifetime at 416 Fitness Club.  As educators we continue to refine our knowledge to push the standard of our client experience.



We are committed to betterment of ourselves, supporting our fellow members, and respecting our coaches.


We are committed to improving the health and fitness of our members, and ensuring they are successful in achieving their goals.  


Members and Team

We seek and provide honest feedback.  We value openness and the curiosity to learn from anyone.  We learn from mistakes and success in equal measure, and we’re open to change and continuous improvement. 



We will never take ourselves too seriously. We train because we love to train, and we love the people who train with us. 


We coach because we love to coach.  Yes, we will always make our time together effective, results-driven, and emotionally and physically rewarding—but we will also keep it fun!

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