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New Season, New Programming Cycle

September got here so quickly! What an incredible amount of progress we saw in our Summer Sizzle programming cycle. The large amount of PR’s were wonderful, but for Coach Megs, it was more about seeing the progress in the way you all move. We spent a lot of time developing our barbell skills and it shows. 

We crushed back squats, bench press and thrusters! We did a lot of technical work with snatches and cleans, and we really targeted pulling strength and some important accessory work to keep strengthening those shoulders! We also targeted intervals and worked on our ability to pace and push! It was a pretty packed summer! 

Now it’s time to shift our focus a little and lock in on the next programming cycle! This 8 week cycle, kicking off September 5th, will be a “bridging” cycle. The last few cycles have been heavily strength focused, and this one will still have strength (as always), but will also start to emphasize more aerobic capacity and engine building work. For our CrossFit nerds out there, the Open is in February, and this cycle is in line with a yearly outlook getting ready to crush the Open. 

Our 2 main lifts for this cycle will be the Push Press & Front Squat!

We will also have a lot of variety in the strength work this cycle. You will notice that we are implementing an A/B week style template on many days where the weeks will alternate between two different movements. This will create more variance in exercises while still allowing us to focus on our main lifts to progress them. For example, a few patterns and themes we will see the programming alternate between are Plyometrics and Glute / Hip strength, Push Press and Bench Press, Hinging strength and Squat Cleans, and DB Bench and Gymnastics positions.

The main skill progression we will be working towards in this cycle is the Squat Clean!

We will have one main Metcon progression this cycle. The Metcons will be longer duration efforts on the rower, wallballs, and box jumps. Most Metcons in this programming cycle will have an emphasis on longer bouts of rowing. There will of course also be some unilateral work, rotational strength, density gymnastics, and core to round it all out. 

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