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A Time For Change

Almost 9 years ago I opened 416 Fitness Club.  “CrossFit” as a brand gave me the opportunity to become an independent small business owner with full control over all operation of the business, while still being connected to a network of likeminded people who devoted their lives to the methodology.  It was a way to become part of something bigger but do it the way that I wanted.

Over time, through CrossFit, I forged a community that is 416.  This community is based on equality, unity, and is 100% free of racism and prejudice.  The greater community of CrossFit, without question, represents the same ideals, and mindset.   

The last 48 hours was a time for myself to reflect on this.  To gather information, speak to our staff, members, other gym owners including black owners who could help me understand how they feel about the comment made by Greg Glassman.  It was important to me that I didn’t make a decision to separate from a community that gave me opportunity and allowed me to be apart of something bigger, just because of what Greg said. CrossFit was, and always will be greater than one man.  It was time to see if CrossFit would move quickly to take swift action and take a stand against racial inequality, to support the BLM movement, and make widespread change in the leadership of CrossFit Inc.  

Through my reflection, discussions, and lack of action from CrossFit it was clear that 416 needed to move away from the CrossFit brand.  I have made the decision that 416 Fitness Club will no longer be an affiliate of CrossFit Inc.  Although we operate completely separate of CrossFit Inc, we have always aligned ourselves with them.  As I mentioned  in my statement earlier in the week, making a stand for social justice, and solidarity against racism is something that we expect and require form those we align ourselves with. 

Our vision has always been “To lead our members to their health and fitness goals by delivering an inclusive environment that is centered around positive change, fun, and education.  We provide a home for our employees to develop a career and foster ideas to move our training methodology, members, and the industry forward.”

This vision will remain – our community will remain – our staff will remain – our stance against racism and inequality will remain.

We will now blaze our own trail.


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