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Summer Sizzle – Programming Cycle

Welcome to the our Summer Sizzle Cycle! Starting Monday, July 4!


How often will it be done, what will be the focus?

This cycle will include 4 main targets in our strength progressions.

The first is a 1RM back squat. We’ll follow a progression of tempos and pauses to build positional strength in the back squat. Time under tension will be the main focus throughout the cycle before we retest. The second target we’ll have Clean technical work alternating weeks with a Thruster progression.

The third will be a combination of bench press strength and shoulder cuff strengtheners to keep the joints resilient. Also in the strength work will be some bodybuilding style pulling Strength!

And finally, there is a focus on unilateral strength work to keep some variety in strength movements, and isometric core strength development to help with gymnastics. Similar to last cycle we’ll run 3 tough weeks, a back off week, then 3 more tough weeks, and a retest.


Will there be skill progressions? What will be the main goals for different skill levels? Time frame, how often, tests?

Will focus on upper body pulling strength. This will be bodybuilding and strict gymnastics focused for this cycle to build muscle and strength before progressing into some further gymnastics skills.

Other skill progressions we’ll continue to build upon are jump rope and rowing technique.


What will conditioning/metcons look like? Time domains, tests/retests?

This cycle will have two primary test/re-tests. The first will be a very high power test, aptly named High Voltage. This will be a couplet of light power snatches with bar facing burpees that will be an extended sprint. The rest of the cycle will focus on developing that energy system quality and working towards the re-test in week 7.

The second test/re-test will be Helen. This is a classic engine workout that allows us to take advantage of the summer weather with some running based workouts. The progressions for Helen will happen weekly. ( Can’t run? Don’t worry our Coaches are experts in scaling to maintain the workout stimulus!)

For the rest of the cycle, we are going to focus on rounding out the program with longer aerobic work as well as workouts that will create bottlenecks to practice some more challenging skills.

Basically, you are in for 7 weeks of excellent fitness!

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