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New February Programming Cycle!

Happy Friday Fitfam!

What an incredible week for re-testing our programming cycle! If you haven’t browsed our instagram stories this week, do it! It’s so much to see so many wins. You know what is even crazier?! Those aren’t even all of them. Whether you hit some new personal bests (PR’s) this week, or felt better at similar weights, or just showed up to give it your best; celebrate the wins! 

Quick re-cap, January we kicked off this 6 week programming cycle, testing our work capacity with a Back Squat/ Rowing WOD. Tested our strength in 3 Rep Power Cleans, 3 Rep Push Jerk or Split, 10 Rep Deadlift and more exposure to being upside down (Yay, Handstand Push Ups) and T2B.

Our next programming cycle, kicks off Monday, February 19th ( Family Day) with a spicy WOD Coach Megs would be proud of!

Here are the focuses and testing days for this 6 Week Cycle:

When:  February 19 – March 31st!

Testing Week – February 19th 

Re-Test Week – March 25th

Cycle Focus w/ Test:

1 RM Front Squat

Test: Wednesday, Feb. 21

Re-Test: Wednesday, March 27

1 RM Power Clean

+ METCON Test  

Test: Friday, February 23

Re-Test: Friday, March 29

3RM Push Press 


Test: Tuesday, Feb. 20

Re-Test: Tuesday, March 26

METCON Test – Ring Muscle Up Skill

Test: Thursday, Feb. 22

Re- Test: Thursday, March 28

We will continue with our EMOM Monday, Partner Saturday’s & Accessory Sunday’s format! You will find alternating Sunday’s with Landmine Press & Bench Press among other shoulder strength and stability work!

The coming weeks have so much to look forward to! 

The CrossFit Open & 416 League kick off March 1!

Our partnership with Othership and Breathwork Challenge Kicks off Thursday, February 29th with a trip to Othership. 

And stay tuned for dates for 2 Specialty Programs: Engine & Pull Ups towards the end of March. 

Have questions? Send them to megs@416fitnessclub.com

See you in the gym! 

416 Fitness Club

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