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Terms & Conditions

416 – Terms & Conditions
Please take a moment to review the terms and conditions of your membership. You will also find important information to help get the most out of your experience with us. We are so excited to be on this fitness journey with you!

Class Registration and Signing In
Members must sign up for the class they want to attend in advance using Wodify. If the class is full, you can reserve a spot on the waitlist. If a spot opens up prior to the class, you will get an email notification and then you will need to log into your Wodify and reserve your spot. You will
 not be automatically added from the Waitlist to the class.
 Upon arrival for a class, please ensure you are signing yourself in. You can do this on the WODIFY APP on your phone. You can also ask your coach to sign you in.

Reserving your spot for class and canceling a reservation
– Class reservations open up 48 hours before that class time, and you can reserve until up to 10 minutes before class starts
 – Morning classes can be canceled without penalty up to 9:30pm the night before
– Noon & Evening classes can be canceled without penalty up to 2 hours before

We understand that life happens, and we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to prioritize their fitness. Our peak hour classes often have waitlists, meaning late cancellations result in waitlisted members unnecessarily missing out on classes. You can always decide to show up last minute if there is space. Don’t be the reason someone else misses out. 

Late cancellations will result in that class being counted towards your membership. A “No Show” will result in a $20 fee being applied to your account. 

If you have an Unlimited Membership, late cancellations will result in a $10 fee. 

Membership Billing
All our memberships are on auto-renewal. For cancellations, holds, upgrades and downgrades to memberships we require notice in order to ensure we can make the necessary changes to your membership before your billing date. We ask that you pursue the appropriate action to notify us a minimum of a week (two weeks for a cancellation) in advance of the change you’d like to be made. Further details on each situation can be found in the sections below. 

Membership Holds
Members must notify us in advance if they would like their membership to be put on hold. Holds can be set for a minimum of 14 days and maximum of 90 days. Holds cannot be retroactively set. And each member has a limit of 2 per year. If the hold crosses the New Year it counts in both. 
 To place a membership on hold, please fill out the hold form.
 By requesting a hold you are also confirming that the following conditions are understood:

1. All holds must have a definitive start and end date.
 2. The minimum hold period is 14 days
 3. The maximum hold period is 90 days.
 4. There are no retroactive holds. You must submit the hold form, one week in advance if you wish to place your membership on hold.
 5. If you do not return to the gym after your set end date and do not contact us to extend your hold, your membership will resume and no refunds will be issued.
6. Members can request up to 2 holds per year.

Click here for the form, or it can be found on our website. Alternatively consider changing your
class membership while you are away or getting that fitness in before and after!

Membership downgrade requests must be made at least 1 week before renewal. This is to ensure we have enough time to set up, process and ensure you are not overbilled. 

There are no retroactive changes to memberships. For example, if your membership cycle begins but you decide you now want fewer classes, you’ll have to wait for your next billing date to apply that change. 

Membership upgrade requests can be made at any time, but they will be applied to the next billing cycle. However, if you run out of classes ahead of schedule and want to get more classes in, no problem we can start your next membership early!
Membership Refunds
There will be no retroactive refunds issued to any members.

Terminating your membership
We require that you send us the membership cancellation form at least 14 days before your membership renews. Canceling your membership with less than 14 days notice will be subject to a $50 late cancellation fee. We do not provide refunds. Click here for the cancel membership form, or it can be found on our website.

Bike Policy
● We have wall-hooks next to the entrance where bikes must be stored during class. Once full, bikes can be locked to the fence outside. No bikes are to be stored in the gym during class unless they are on the designated hooks. 416 Fitness Club is not responsible for the damage to, theft, or loss of bikes stored in or outside of the gym.
 ● Bikes cannot be stored at the gym overnight.

Dog Policy
We do allow members to bring their dogs into the gym while they workout, however we do ask that the following guidelines are followed and 416 Fitness Club reserves the right to ask you to remove your dog at any time.
 – No barking
 – No whining
 – No biting
 – All dogs must be on a leash and tied up away from the gym floor
 – Coaches are not responsible for watching your dog

Referral Program
Members who refer a family member, friend or colleague who is interested in joining CrossFit will be offered a referral discount in the event they join 416 Fitness Club. The program that benefits both the member and their referral: Members will receive a 50% discount on their next membership fee – this is a one-time discount for each referral who purchases a membership. The referred member will also receive a 50% discount on their first membership cycle. Note: The Basics program and other promotions are excluded from this discount, in this case the referral discount will be applied to the second membership payment of the new member.

General Gym Guidelines and Courtesy Standards
We take pride in our space, and hope you do too. Please help us keep things tidy and take care of equipment.
 We love dropping heavy weights, however, some create safety hazards or will damage the equipment. Please do not drop:
 – Empty barbells
 – Barbell with big metal plates, or only the smaller “change” plates (smaller metal plates)
 – Barbell with only 10/15 pound plates
 – Kettlebells
 – Dumbbells

Gym Attire
416 Fitness Club is a safe space for all. Both for hygiene and comfort level of all members:
 – Please wear indoor shoes, no matter the season
– We are a shirts on gym
– No Headphones
– Limit Phone use (taking video of your movement is always welcome)

We will always do our best to start and end classes on time. Please ensure you’re on time for your session. We will maximize the hour, if you need to leave early, you might miss some of the planned class, meaning you’re not getting the full benefit of the programming. Our Coaches work hard to provide you a stellar experience and we don’t want you to miss a thing.

WODIFY does more than let you book your classes. Enter your scores, see your progress, and visit the leaderboard and even encourage other members! This is one of the best tools at your disposal to keep training fun and make long term progress!

Pre & Post WOD
You are welcome to sit at the bar at the front desk. Or if there is space to the side of the class stretch or roll. However we do ask that the volume of any conversations are respectful of any ongoing classes, coaches, and members. Class has priority just as you would want for your own class.

Client Check Ins
Your membership includes more than your daily trips to the gym. We want to ensure you are continuously working your way towards your health and fitness goals. Your member experience should leave you feeling challenged, excited and accomplished. As an added benefit to your membership we provide a quarterly check in. In this check in we will review your goals and map out a plan to help you get there! Click this link to book.

Annual Increase
Memberships & Personal Training rates are subject to a 3% increase January 1st of each year.

Who to contact?
Please note that coverage of the front desk does not always align with class times, and all inquiries will be addressed in a timely manner on business days (Monday – Friday).

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at:
Head Coach & General Manager

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