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Your Health and Fitness Tax

The tax season is upon us.  We as Canadians pay relatively high taxes to enjoy our universal health care.

The ironic part about this is that our health, or decreased health in lockdown, can result in a physical and mental tax that come at a much higher cost than our financial tax burden.  

The pandemic has negatively impacted the health and fitness of a lot of people, and as it drags it is natural to feel self-conscious about this.

When we’re self-conscious about our fitness or health, it can have an even more of a negative effect:

We don’t want to take the first step. We don’t want to look dumb. We don’t want to fail.

We don’t want to start a new diet or exercise program, because we can’t go to a gym or may not have support now from our family and friends.

When we haven’t worked out at all over the last 4-8 months, we don’t want to do that first workout because it will be really hard and we’ll be sore after, or if we join a virtual class, we don’t want to be embarrassed or finish last.

As hard as the last year has been, the amount of physical and mental tax  – that is negatively affecting our health and fitness – IS IN OUR CONTROL! 

The limits or fears that we place on ourselves are the tax that we’re paying – and most of us overpay.

Advisors and accountants can help with us get out of bad financial and/or tax situations.  Coaches and accountability partners can help with our physical and mental tax.  

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