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Why Track Your Workouts?

You hear this often in Functional Fitness Gyms. Scores, counting and workout logging. How many reps? How much weight on the bar? How fast did you go?

Some of us are ON IT. Ready to enter our scores and complete the task! It’s sort of like checking off something from your to do list! 

Others, just ignore the concept. Chances are if you’re reading this, you fall into this category. So, here is why you should stop ignoring this and record your scores. 

  1. Accountability and progress
  2. Efficient, purpose driven workouts
  3. Clear measurement of progress
  4. Gives you info about yourself 

“I will remember how much I squated” “I know my abilities.”

 …let’s be real, unless something huge happened to specifically ingrain that information in your head ( like a GIANT personal best), you do not remember.  But we actually care more about the little steps you’re taking towards that big win. 

 “I am not sure what my max is” “I think I’ve lifted X amount before” “I am just going to wing it.” 

As with many things in life, “winging it” is not the way to success here. 

It’s really hard to see your progress if you aren’t recording where you started. Hold yourself accountable by having a reference point. Your workouts will be much more efficient and purposeful. If you have a goal, it adds intention to your workout, and it will further motivate you to push harder. 

Whether you are getting stronger, getting faster, mastering a skill, training for an event, losing weight… the list goes on, a workout log is an important component to the planning, organizing, actualizing and understanding of your fitness and life goals. 

Next, tracking gives you a clear measurement of working towards your goals. How will you know you achieved it? How will you know where you should focus? By looking at the data! This data will literally show you, your progress. Last week you used just the barbell, this week you added 5 pounds and 2 months from now…

Lastly, this information will be all about YOU. You can look at it and see how often you work out, what kind of progress you are making and it will help you continue building new goals and new habits. We can determine what’s worked for you, and what hasn’t. That way you are always moving forward and never stagnant.

So, stop avoiding it, start gathering the data and watch how your hard work turns into doing things you either never imagined or always wanted. 


At 416 Fitness Club we use WODIFY and with your membership comes the ability to track all your scores from class? 

Download the WODIFY Athlete App, login in and start tracking!  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wodify-athlete/id1235645130

Watch this short video for help on how to use and navigate the app:


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