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What’s a “Free Intro?”

It’s not a beginner class, or a fitness test, or even a movement assessment of any sort. Don’t worry, you won’t be getting sweaty…yet! You can even show up for your free intro in a suit after work. 

At 416 Fitness Club we offer a Free Intro to new people coming in. At the very core, it’s a conversation. But really, it’s an opportunity for you to take a deep dive into goal setting, understand what you need to do to hit your desired health & fitness goals, and create a plan with the proper programs in place. And if you’re lucky, you might also get to meet our gym dog, Hank 🙂 

Why can’t I just try a class?

Before getting you into any training, we want to make sure that we have the information we need about your fitness background. Our coches take an individualized approach with every member, both in a 1-on-1 setting and in the class environment. So, joining a class isn’t just “hopping in”. Every member receives coaching specific to their current level and goals at every class. 

We value the safety and health of everyone in the gym. We don’t want to throw anyone into a gym environment without assessing the readiness or the appropriateness of the class and the movements involved.

Even if you have an extensive fitness background, we like to get to know every face in our gym so that we can give you the best possible experience, and make sure we have a clear understanding of your goals so that we can support you in accomplishing them.

Why can’t I just get information over the phone?

Your investment into your health and fitness should be one you take seriously. With any important decision, it’s best to get the full picture. When you come in for your free intro, not only can you meet our staff face-to-face, but you can also get a feel for the gym environment, and determine if it’s a good fit for you.

Furthermore, our in-person free intro allows our staff to get you to know you can prescribe the best approach to get you to your goals. We offer a variety of programs depending on our member’s needs.

For example: A new client may come in thinking they need to work out 6 days a week to see the fat loss result they’re looking for. However, upon hearing about their busy lifestyle and lack of attention to nutrition, sleep, and stress management, I would recommend that they start with 3 days of workouts and a habit coaching program. 6 days of hard workouts and no adjustment to their lifestyle would have resulted in them burning out, and potentially even gaining more body fat instead. A full conversation and time for our staff to unpack what area of health & fitness needs attention will ensure that you to thrive with us and take the best path for long term, sustainable results.

So while it may seem more exciting to hop into a free class first, it’s not the best approach. We’re available throughout the day and after work to meet with you.

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