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What Should My Kids Do This Summer??

The question that every parent is asking themselves right now. 

For most of us, COVID-19 has put a big giant X through our summer plans. Vacations, camps, water parks, and even play dates with other kids….all postponed. Now you might be frantically looking through online virtual alternatives and considering buying yet another tablet. But hang on, that would mean your child is spending even more time in front of a screen after nearly an entire semester of online school. 

So what should your children do this summer?


Yes, it’s that simple. Don’t overthink it. What did you do during your childhood summers? Ride bikes, climb trees, swim in ponds, chase the neighbors, explore new places? 

Technology is a great tool for education and of course very entertaining for kids, but the downside is that now movement is being replaced with screen time. The American Pediatric Association recommends that children aged 2-5 years old are limited to just an hour of screen time daily. Yet, these recommendations are being far surpassed, and studies show that kids are becoming increasingly sedentary. Youth coaches are noticing that kids are now struggling with natural movement like the air squat due to the hours per day spent sitting. 

Okay, so you see the problem. But you’re thinking we’re stuck at home in a pandemic…how can my kids move more? 

  1. Reach out to me! As an expert in youth coaching, I have built up quite the tool kit of activities that your child can do from home. Hopscotch chalk courses, the stinky sock game, neighborhood relay race…the possibilities are endless. Simply shoot me an email at Karolina@crossfit416.ca
  1. Join 416 Kids! Your kids will get to play games, interact with other kids, and burn some energy. But at the same time, they will learn unweighted foundational movements that get them stronger, more confident, and set them up to move well and excel in any sports or physical activities that they pursue. Click here to learn more and sign up.
  1. Lead by example. If your kids see you sitting on your laptop working all day without breaks, then they will want to do the same. Take 10 minute movement breaks every hour and have a dance party, take a walk, practice yoga poses, or do a mini workout! 

Do what’s best for your child. Sit less, play more. 

Join 416 Kids for a summer full of movement, new skills, play, and friends! www.416kids.ca

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