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The Reason Why You’re Failing To Stay Fit in Lockdown

Remember the gym? That place you used to crush workouts and feel unstoppable?

Let’s take a second to reminisce here…

The black mats, the sweet smell of sweat and rubber, the banging music, the energy of everyone around you working hard. Righttt. That. You may be thinking “yeah, if only I had those things, I’d be so fit right now!”

Here’s a hard truth: those things don’t make you fit. Sure, they help, but they’re not the reason why you were fit when you came to the gym. 

The main reason why you were fit when you came the gym is:


Consistency is the most important factor when trying to achieve fitness goals. How did you stay consistent? Accountability.  You had coaches and fellow members making sure you stayed on track and got your workouts in multiple times a week. But mid-lockdown, it’s too easy to put off workouts and the lack of motivation is very real, so consistency went out the window.

Here’s another hard truth: you have no control over when gym facilities will be open again, and whether government regulations will fluctuate. Thus, the “I’ll get fit WHEN gyms re-open mentality” might mean you aren’t going to start a routine for a long time.

So what’s my point? 

It’s extremely difficult to stay consistent in lockdown fitness without accountability.

You don’t need gym facilities to succeed right now. Now is not the time to go for a lifetime squat PR. But if your goal is to lose some weight, de-stress, and keep some sanity while stuck at home, then all you need is a workout program and support.

Some good news: accountability coaching is accessible even in a global pandemic!

So get up! Get out of the “when the gym opens…” mindset, and instead, get going on your fitness now and make sure you have accountability! Whether that be a coach, workout buddy, or family member, you need someone to hold you accountable to your workout plan, and support you. 

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