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The Foolproof Way to 10k Steps a Day

“Walk 10 thousand steps every day!”

You probably hear this all the time. In fact it’s hard to go a day without seeing something about 10k steps on fitness social media. 

But, the hype about getting your steps in is there for good reason. Without diving too deep into the science behind fat loss, here is an explanation for why those steps are so important if your goal is to lose weight or improve your health. 

Daily activities NOT including your workout can burn up 1000 extra calories per day. By moving more throughout the day, you’ll expend much more energy, and it becomes much easier to be in a caloric deficit and lose fat. Walking is a simple yet highly effective way to increase daily calories burned.

So for those of you struggling with getting 10k steps in daily, I have 2 words for you: Habit stacking 

When building a new habit (in this case, adding more steps to your day), it’s much easier when you stack it on top of a habit that you already have. This is because the old habit is already automatic in your brain, so you’ve got momentum started to then add a new habit on top of the old one!

Here are some examples:

Lunch breaks: combine your lunch break with a walk! 

Morning coffee: right after your morning coffee, add in a walk!

Taking phone calls: Whenever possible, put in headphones and take your call while out walking!

Evening tea: Before or after your evening snack, take a walk!

Go give it a try today.

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