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Structure: Confidence in Motion

Confidence in motion. That’s been the theme of Structure thus far. By showing people how to engage the right muscles properly, and push the intensity in the right way, they have gained increased awareness of their own bodies.
As a result, they are now more confidently expressing their body’s abilities. It’s been a privilege to watch that happen. I’m seeing all of my participants slowly open up and get more confident and comfortable actually using their bodies, and that makes me really proud as a coach and a human being. They’re having a lot of fun in the process as well, but maybe that’s just because they’re scheming to harm me.
In reality, it’s all about widening the base. By focusing on increasing awareness through exercises that most people don’t do on a regular basis, we are widening the base. When we’ve established awareness of the role of certain muscles, we focus on moving better by using that newfound awareness in movements that may already be familiar to the athlete. Enhanced awareness leads to better movement.
Currently, there are two cycles of Structure ongoing: Upper Body in the evenings, and Lower Body in the mornings. We hit the sleds together on Saturday mornings. Whether it’s upper or lower body, the aims are similar and the underlying principles are the same. I want to make those who have entrusted me with their fitness move safer first, by creating more awareness of the role of certain muscles in the body during certain movements.
Only when you’ve learned to adequately create tension and stability, should you focus on moving faster. Moving faster should not necessarily be a priority if you can’t support your joints at the speed you’re moving at. Structure is all about enhancing that ability through increased awareness and stability.
It’s about broadening the foundation for movement through exercises that target underutilized muscles in order to allow you to create more tension–or torque–throughout your body when you move. This leads to increased strength, stability, and ultimately speed, just to name a few factors.
If you want to do muscle ups, or back squat double or triple your bodyweight, you have to build the musculature to be able to support those forces or loads first. This is where most people go wrong, in my opinion–which results in more overuse injuries than I’d like to see in our gym. How frustrating is an injury? The feeling that you’re losing all of your hard-earned progress, completely messing up your routine, and the loss of confidence in your body’s ability to move as you’d like it are really tough to deal with.
Structure is my way to try to prevent or at least stop these injuries and help people reach their actual potential safely.
If you’re interested in seeing for yourself, contact me and you can come try a Saturday morning session with us. We don’t bite, although a few of us have thrown up (not on each other, thankfully). The more the merrier. We’d love to see you on a Saturday!
Sept 1 – Off
Sept 8 – 9 AM
Sept 15 – 9 AM
If you have questions, talk to me in person, or shoot me an email at gys@crossfit416.ca. Details for the next cycles of Structure are still being finalized. You can stay up-to-date by liking or following Structure Training TO on Facebook or Instagram.

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