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Seeking Motivation? Here's What You Can Rely On

I can’t believe we’re almost two weeks into the doors being shut at 416 Fitness Club.  The really frustrating and confusing part is that we really have no idea how long this is going to go on  The last 10 days has felt like a blur with a lot of confusion.  As I start to settle into my quarantined state with limited contact with the outside world, a few things are becoming very clear: My home is starting to feel very small, as a sports fan – there is basically nothing on TV, and prioritizing physical and mental well-being is critical to help make it through each day.

For many, at some point the novelty of working out at home might start to wear off, which will make it very challenging to stay engaged with our fitness.  But fear not, here are 3 things that you can rely on if your motivation starts to fade:


As it’s clear to see, we have had to act very quickly to pivot our services online.  Myself, Dana, and all of our coaches agreed that our biggest focus during this crisis was how we could continue to improve our members health and fitness.  This is where coaching comes in.  During this time we need someone to guide us. We need someone to say, “follow me.” In uncertain times self-belief, routine, and motivation start to dwindle.  Coaching is all about accountability. It’s about understanding your client’s goals, their schedule, and their unique situation and putting them in a place where they can succeed. For some, our coaching is about customizing your workouts, for others its a daily check-in and a familiar voice.  In a situation like this accountability comes down to communication. It comes down to having a coach who is going to take your unique circumstances and mold them to be the most beneficial for you.  Our coaches are completely motivated to ensure that our members are engaged, challenged when they need to be, and are there as a sounding board if you just need to chat or laugh.


Your normal routine is gone, and we have all been forced to create a new one focused around being inside 4 walls with little human interaction.  What is critical, is that your new routine is positive and healthy!  We are creatures of habit.  By now you should have a good idea of what is going to work for your new routine and what isn’t.  My challenge for you is to sit down and write out a new daily routine.  In this routine I want you to include, your workouts, your meals, a 1-20 min mindfulness or meditation exercise,  3 min for communicating to your coach, wake-up time, bed time, and some time to wind down.  Once you’ve created your routine send to your coach, and post it on your social media for extra accountability.


One of the main goals of our 416 Online Facebook group is to keep our community connected.  Although we are forced to be at home, we’re not doing it alone.  No matter how long you’ve been a member, your regular class time, and workout crew help provide a release and a sense of belonging on a daily basis.  Technology now allows this to still be possible while we’re apart.  If someone pops in your head give them a call or send them a message. I encourage everyone to reach out, remain active in each other’s lives, and challenge one another to keep moving as we navigate the unknown.

If you wake up tomorrow and things seem tough or you feel lost, text your coach and tell them how you’re feeling, follow your new routine for normalcy, and call your workout buddy for some extra motivation or a laugh attack.


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