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Read this if you’re feeling intimidated by fitness and nutrition

How many of the terms below have you heard of?

HIIT workouts!



Core wok.



Intermittent fasting.

Steady state cardio.


Oof. To say the world of fitness is overwhelming, would be an understatement. 

So here you are, a bit confused by it all, and frankly, probably wondering why some people are getting results while others are not? What’s the magic combination?

The answer is: whatever combination works for YOU. 

You can get results from HIIT. You can get results from intermittent fasting. You could even see results from just deadlifting.  But know that the results don’t depend on WHAT you’re doing as much as WHY you’re doing it.

Recent example: 

My client Mily came to me with the goal of “toning up”, which really means, putting on some muscle, and losing fat to reveal that muscle. Before working with me, she tried group classes, but found it difficult to keep up with all the new movements and intensity, and gave up. Together, we discovered she enjoys body building based workouts, and walking her dog daily for extra cardio. I programmed our sessions to reflect this. 

She hasn’t missed a session since starting. After 1 month, she finally started seeing the changes in her body she chased for so long. 4 months later, her friends are asking to train with me because Mily’s results floored them. All because she works with a coach who helped her create a weekly routine that includes resistance training and cardio that she can stick to. 

By the way, this goes for nutrition as well. Our partner nutrition coaching company, BODZii, takes the same approach with clients. Their most successful weight loss clients are the ones that work with a coach who helps them build sustainable healthy eating habits that work for THEM. Every client is different. 

So let me save you from falling into the cycle of trying random workouts and diets. It’s not a fun cycle to be trapped in, and in the long run, you end up spending more money without getting far.

Hop on a call with me to chat about your goals, background, and lifestyle. Together, we can put together a plan of action that will get you the results you want in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible. And most importantly, in a way that will get you excited to hop out of bed in the morning and get after it.

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