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New Programming Focus: August-September 2018

Great job everyone on completing the programming focus. Leading into our ‘416 Classic’ at the end of September, we will be spending a lot of time improving technique and the strength in the olympic lifts.  First week and last week will be your testing a variety of WOD’s and lifts; with the last week leading into the Classic

Here’s what you can expect over the next 8 weeks:

Olympic Lifting 

As our main area of focus, get ready for some fun with the traditional lifts, barbell complexes, and supplementary work.  We will work from different starting positions, and build a better engine to execute these technical movements under fatigue.                                                       

We will prioritize strength in front squat and strict press. In the beginning, you will see lots of volume to build muscle mass, then we will move to tempo lifts to help develop the ability to receive heavy load in the squat and overhead, and then in the final weeks we will prioritize absolute strength with low reps and high percentages.


We’re going to challenge your gymnastic skills with heavy lifting in WOD’s. You will have time to practice fundamentals, learn skills and improve your strict gymnastics strength.


Fixing imbalances should never take a back seat (ask Gys).  You will see unilateral movements in our strength work as supersets.  Don’t hide on these days.  Finding and eliminating your weaknesses is the magic in improving fitness.


Nope. No getting away from our dear metcons.  We’ve got some very challenging WOD’s coming up that will have a focus on intensity and building stamina in our lifts.  We all love the Assault Bike!!!!!


This 8 week focus will be 7 days of programming with lots of variation.  If you’re new to Olympic lifting don’t get intimidated. This will be a great opportunity to dial the technical aspects of  Snatch, Clean and Jerk.   

All of your coaches are so excited to train you for better movement quality. We challenge you to be a sponge strive to understand the reason for each movement in order to optimize your training. Please trust your coaches and the process. Don’t forget to listen to your body and rest when you need it (which is a lot more than you think).  Most importantly have so much fun.


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