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Member highlight – Robert!

Meet Robert! Robert has been a member with us since summer of 2021, and has put in some serious hard work during his personal training sessions twice per week. Check out a bit about his journey!

“I have lived in the GTA for most of my life, which is now 51 years, and have worn many hats in my working life. Recently, I started to learn the business of grocery stores as I started working at the Factory Outlet of a meat producer just about a year ago.  I am really enjoying it and glad I made the switch. 
I reached a point in my life where I was heading in a bad direction. I weighed over 240lbs and my waist size was 40 and both were heading higher.  I decided at some point that I needed to change and so started walking and I did.  In 2020 though, as covid started, a lot changed in my life…..I got out of a relationship and switched jobs and this prompted me to work harder.  I started doing hikes of 17kms on weekends and pushing myself more on my daily walks. But then I thought I plateaued and needed more of a challenge. I had started kayaking, which I love, and adding some runs to my weeks.

During one of my walks I came across an outdoor 416 class along Harbourfront. I took a few moments to talk with the instructor and found it an interesting option for the future.  A month or two later – I finally took the plunge and contacted 416 and have never looked back.  It is what I needed to push myself further and accomplish more. 
My first impression was positive but with a nervous feeling tied in.  I don’t typically deal with change and this was a big change but Hannah made it easy for me.  I decided that personal training was a better avenue for me and have enjoyed every session since.  My first impression is still the impression I have – it is a great place that can help anyone is ready. 

My brightest spot or proudest moment was my 4 month test on that machine as it showed that my time at 416 was paying real dividends. In 4 months, I dropped over 9 pounds, added almost 4 pounds in muscle mass, added over 1 pound of lean mass, dropped 6.1% of Body Fat and almost 15 pounds of Fat Mass.  They were huge gains and shocked me honestly but just showed that Hannah and Dana were pushing me in the right direction.   A close second is just recently when I hit 135 in my squats which was almost double in weight in 3 months. 

My next steps are to keep pushing and my goals that is ongoing discussion with Dana and Megs as I change many things in my life. I want to lift heavier, get stronger, age gracefully and eat better so I am changing so much right now and I know that 416 has my back”

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