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Member highlight – Ernesto!

We’re shining the spotlight on Ernesto this week! He’s been putting in some hard with in classes and individually with Coach Megs, and hit some big PRs recently! Check out his journey:

“I’m a software developer in a startup in Toronto. I grew up in Venezuela and lived in Panama for seven years before moving to Canada.

I love to be very active and am passionate about playing sports, especially soccer and table tennis.  At university, I played for the table tennis varsity team and participated in some soccer leagues. I was very competitive, so I looked for ways to improve my game and found strength training to be a great complement for my conditioning. Since then, I never looked back. 

When I was living in Panama, I tried Crossfit for a couple of months. Then, I suffered a knee injury while training table tennis which forced me to stop all physical activities, but I always wanted to try it again someday. 

At the begginingg of summer, when the government started lifting some  COVID restrictions, I was eager to find a place where I could start training again. Then, I found the 416fitnessclub were doing outdoor group workouts, which seemed to be just what I needed. 

Classes were really fun, and coaches always motivated people to train hard while clearly explaining how to do the exercises. They always tell me how to improve my form and challenge me to do my maximum effort in every session. I love it.

Last year, I suffered a lower back injury doing deadlifts at home. I was terrified I couldn’t lift weights anymore. But, with the help of coach Megs, after more than a year without doing a single deadlift, I was able to hit a new PR on the first date of training; it was so amazing. 

Now I’m working on learning how to do kipping pull-ups effectively and to maintain my core engaged all the time (bracing) during heavy lifts like push press, squats, and deadlifts to protect my lower back. “

We’ve been loving watching you progress, and can’t wait to see what new wins the next year brings for you Ernesto!

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