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Member highlight – Dakshya!

Meet Dakshya!

She started our Habit Coaching Program with Coach Karolina earlier this year, and has since transformed her lifestyle by focusing specifically on nutrition, mindset work, routines, and daily activity. Here is what she has to say about her first 6 months on the program:

“Before starting this program, my biggest frustration was time management and inconsistency. I was piling up way too much on my plate and then beating myself up over not being able to accomplish the impossible goals I set for myself.

Over the last six months, I have not only been able to learn to set achievable goals for myself, but also meet them. Moreover, Karolina has helped me develop a positive mindset through journaling gratitude journaling. The significant mindset shift the gratitude journaling has introduced to me is a major highlight. This shift has been instrumental in relieving my stress levels and sleep quality. This has significantly improved my mental health.

My biggest achievement in my health and fitness has been a positive shift in mindset. Being able to root myself in gratitude, I am kinder to myself when things do not go as planned. This has resulted in a more sustainable healthy eating and living practice. 

I feel more confident that I can achieve the goals that I set for myself. Overall, because of the healthy habits I have developed, I have not only improved my daily life but also the relationships that I have with people around me. I am deeply grateful for this program! “

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