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August 2022 Programming Focus

What an incredible week of serious strength gains! Whether you were with us the whole 9 weeks of our Wendler Strength Cycle or just getting after, this week you showed up and really showcased your hard work!

We love seeing what you can do! Whether you hit some new personal bests, improved your form, or just worked hard towards your goals we are here for it!

Beyond our crazy strength gains, we also worked on some Strict/ Kipping Pull-Up prep, which leads nicely into one of our next focuses. Lastly, we hit Filthy Fifty this weekend!

August is going to be absolutely off the hook with fun and fitness! We will see some classic named girl workouts but they will have a unique twist on them…maybe that means heavier bars, longer rounds, who knows?! All we can promise is that they will be challenging and fun as hell! 

The last two highlights for this month are our Gymnastics Push and Pull days. These are meant to focus on building capacity in some of the higher skill movements like HSPU or Muscle Ups that we are all itching to learn or get better at. You will have more opportunities to spend time drilling technique and movement patterns needed to accomplish these impressive skills. We are excited to bring this focus to everyone in hopes that we can see some serious progress! 

Here is what you can expect to be reoccurring every week, in addition to our usual strength and conditioning stimuli.

Weekly Commitments

  • (1) Girl Workout Weekly…but with a TWIST! 
  • (1) Gymnastics “Push” Focused Skill/Strength Day
  • (1) Gymnastics “Pull” Focused Skill/Strength Day
  • (1) Partner Workout Weekly

Bring on the sweat!

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