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5-Steps to Positive Health and Fitness Changes During the COVID-19 Crisis

If you’re like me, the last week has brought a lot of uncertainty, frustration, and even panic.  The pressure, obligation, and desire to do the “right thing” has never been more evident.  While we are all still trying to adjust to the “new normal” and adapt to new regulations daily it is up to us to use the time as an opportunity to improve our well-being.

Below are 5 steps you take to make positive steps in your health and well-being during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Step 1:

Determine What is most important to you with your health and fitness?

•  Nutrition
•  Sleep
•  Mobility/rehab
•  Training
•  Mindset


Step 2

Write it down and elaborate, preferably on a whiteboard or a sticky note that you will have to look at every day. Be specific.

Eg. Rehab – I suffer from low-back pain – I want to make necessary adjustments to improve it


Step 3

Do the math – how much extra time do you have now?

Eg. I can work set aside 25 min per day for my low back rehab


Step 4

Call or text your coach and tell them what you’ve chosen as your priority to work on. All 416 Online members are assigned an accountability coach if you’re in 416 Online and do not yet have a coach, please email Dana@crossfit416.ca .

Robyn is my accountability coach, she knows that what’s most important to me right now is mindset.  So she has been checking in with me to ensure I am staying positive and taking breaks to move around.


Step 5

Tell your gym buddy what you’re working on. Use each other as another layer of accountability.  Send them pics or videos of you acting on your plan.

If you are an 416 member you have endless health and fitness resources at your disposal. Use them. Leverage your coaches. They are a wealth of knowledge and they are bored. Why do you think they are calling and texting you so much?

These next few weeks at home can either set us up for success or dig us into a hole we will spend the rest of 2020 trying to get out of. Let’s use it for success. Call your coach, today.

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