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3 Things Fit People Are Doing In Lockdown

Staying fit amidst gym closures and freezing temperatures feels like an impossible task. 

I mean, keeping up with exercise pre-pandemic was already challenging, so add in all of the current obstacles, and your health and fitness goals seem so, so far out of reach.

Plus, the easy way out has never called your name louder. 

“Stay on the couch today”

“Order Uber Eats”

“The TV is right there..”

All that being said, there are people out there crushing their fitness, and even making serious progress…

…who are they? What do they have that I don’t? 

Absolutely nothing. It’s not fancy equipment, or unlimited time, or even magic motivation.

After coaching fitness in lockdown for nearly a year, here are the 3 things that I’ve observed the fittest people in lockdown doing:

  1. They schedule a daily workout

Select a non-negotiable daily time slot for your workout. Can be 6am before work, 12pm at lunch, or 6pm after work…pick one and make it a habit. Something that’s built into your day no matter what. If your workout is a “maybe later if I’ll find time I’ll get to that” type of situation, then you and I both know it’s not happening. After a couple of weeks, this new habit will start to become automatic and you’ll be working out consistently.

  1. They know proper nutrition

We’re not talking salads being a yes and pizza being a no. To get the body       composition you want and to maintain it, you need a deeper understanding of appropriate caloric intake and macronutrient balance. This information should come from a certified nutrition coach or coaching company. Once you have a sense of how you should be eating to reach your goals, the world of nutrition is 100x simpler, and making food choices is no longer a worry.

  1. They work with a coach

Even the fittest people on earth need coaches. Coaches challenge their clients appropriately, ensure workouts are completed correctly, and stay on top of them when motivation gets low. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, investing in coaching will take you to the next level. 

Feeling lethargic one afternoon? Coach will send you some motivation. 

Feeling like you need an extra challenge? Coach will send you a more difficult progression of a movement or a custom target to aim for in the workout.

Feeling the pandemic blues? Coach will hear you out, and give you a simple movement task  so that you can get some exercise regardless. 

If you take one thing away from this article, it should be that in order to get somewhere with your fitness goals in lockdown, you have to take action. 

Right now you don’t have the sexy loaded barbells and blaring music to motivate you. But you do still have goals to chase, and the ability to get started. So let’s get after it!

Reach out to us and we’ll help you establish a plan of action, so that you too can be successful at health and fitness in lockdown!

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