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2018 Lifestyle Challenge Wrap-Up

I want to thank all of you for partaking in this year’s 416 Fitness Club Lifestyle Challenge. It’s pretty incredible the amount of success we saw over such a short amount of time. Thanks to those of you who were able to come out on a Thursday night for our little end celebration (so much food).
Here’s a little recap of our winners so you guys can make sure to congratulate them when you see them in class along with our honourable mentions. Below are just a few of our incredible before and after transformations!
If you didn’t take part in this year’s challenge and feel like you missed out on your opportunity to make a lifestyle change, don’t worry! Please reach out and let me know if you would like to have a free 20 minute consultation to chat about your goals.
Lifestyle Challenge 2018 Winner (male)Sam Nudelman
Our winner for our male is someone who pretty much rocked the leaderboard the entire 4 weeks. Maybe a lot of you don’t know this silent killer but you all will now! He comes regularly to the 7am classes and in four weeks, with 249 points, he gained 6 lbs, 4 being muscles, and dropped 1% in body fat.
Lifestyle Challenge 2018 Winner (female)Leslie Blumer
Our winner for females has been absolutely crushing it in the gym. She’s feeling stronger than ever, she’s leaner, more energized, and has taken to the challenge so so well. Over the past four weeks with 242 points, she took 1 min 12 seconds off her wod time, lots 4 lbs, maintained her muscle mass, and dropped 3 percent body fat!
Most drastic InBody Scan resultsPaul Pettigrew
With 11lbs down, and 3% body fat down, our most drastic scan award goes to Paul Pettigrew
Biggest WOD Improvement Score Dulcie Vousden
Duclie was able to take 2 minutes and 52 seconds off her initial WOD time, blowing everyone out of the water.
Most active on the FB groupIrina Karpenko
Watched every live, asked all of the questions, emailed me plenty of times, and was a fantastic influence the whole 4 weeks. She was eager to learn and motivate other people through the group all while leaning out and hitting the gym 5 times a week.
Congratulations to all our prize winners!
Honourable Mentions:
Overkill Award: Carsten
Accidentally did 50 thrusters in his first test WOD.
Complete Lifestyle Change: Darius
Quit alcohol, partying, and have done a complete 180 with the way he treats his body now.
A for Effort Award: Laura Beckford
Went into the challenge RED hot, ready to win it. With a little slip up, she fell back but still managed to be the biggest smack talker in the gym.
Veterans Awards: Scott Enright
Every year for the past 5 years Scott has completed the lifestyle challenge with great results. Too bad he’s already so jacked that it’s hard to give him the winning prize.
Most interesting questions awards: Grant Carew
Once asked the nutritional information on medical marijuana.
Most Demanding Calorie Change: Kailee Cuismano
Upped to 2500 kcals and had a difficult time consuming that much food but was able to let her body adjust and now she’s ripped and crushing all her workouts.
See you next year for our 2019 Lifestyle Challenge!!

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