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Next Programming Cycle – November & December 2021

Hey 416 Family!

As you are aware we are right in the mist of Re-test week for our 10 rep max Strength Cycle. Even without the PR’s we have seen some pretty incredible improvements in your ability to move challenging loads with good form. All that taxing time under tension has proven very valuable in your movements. We hope you are proud of what you have accomplished!

As the week comes to a close, the burning question on everyones mind, what is next?!

After our 10 Rep Max re-tests, beginning the week of Nov. 8th our strength is going to take on a little bit of a different focus.  We will see more overhead complexes including Strict Press, Push Press, and Push Jerk. This is to help gain strength with overhead pressing along with increasing proficiency in cycling the bar and transitioning from movement to movement.

Lots of tempo work: Floor Press, Back Squat- Lots of overhead complexes – Gymnastics focus at least once a week – Building proficiency with our sights on 3 – Rep Back Squat, Floor Press, & Push Jerk. Some Benchmark workouts will make an appearance as well!

Unlike our last couple of programming cycles, this one does not have an initial test week. So we are just jumping right in on November 8th. It is however, leading to test a 3-Rep Back Squat, Floor Press, and Push Jerk just before Christmas (De 13-19th)! Let the gains continue!

With overhead strength and stability being a big focus in this cycle, we will also be hosting a workshop specifically on the Push Jerk!

Join Coach Marino & Coach Whitney for a workshop building technical proficiency in the Push Jerk/Power Jerk on Saturday December December 4th at 11:30am!

All levels welcome, from beginner to experienced.

Coaches Marino & Whitney both specialize in Olympic Weightlifting! With both their knowledge, they will be leading a 1.5hr workshop in developing efficiency and proficiency of the push and power jerks to develop confident movements patterns under load. Limited spots will be available and the price is $50+ tax.

Registration opens on Thursday November 11th.
More details coming your way this week

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