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Maximize Your At-Home Workouts – Tip #1 Schedule & Routine

You’re stuck at home, gyms are closed, so you’ve tried to do some at-home workouts to keep up with your fitness or at least not completely fall off a cliff.

Why do you struggle to get 3 workouts in a week?

Why don’t you have the same feeling of accomplishment after your at-home workouts?  

Why do you lack motivation to finish or sometimes even start your workout?

Why does the workout feel different then when you’re at the gym?

Over the next few posts, I’m going to give you some tools and guidelines to help you make the most of your at-home workouts.

#1 – Schedule and Routine

Can you relate to any of the following thoughts?

I should really try to get a workout in today.

Okay…I’m going to start my workout after Wheel of Fortune…okay..after Jeopardy …I’m starving, time for UberEats

Maybe I’ll go for a run tomorrow

I just don’t have time to workout.

Although it might seem like we have all the time in the world while stuck at home, the reality is that without having a structured day, time just seems to fly by.  Having a daily routine is critical to keep us from falling into a Netflix binge, or let work take over our day.

Everyday you have scheduled meetings, time to write emails, calls with friends,  and more things that you’ve prioritized and made time for.  This leaves you trying to “FIND” the time to workout.  It’s simple.  “Finding time” means that it’s not important, if it’s not important then you’re unlikely to prioritize it.  We need to “MAKE” time to workout!

Our most successful clients in 416 Online (and when our doors are open), are clients who prioritize a workout in their daily schedule.  This leads to consistency, commitment, and allows for progress tracking.  

Schedule time each day for your workout!


Open your planner, iCal, or write on your hand a specific time to dedicate 30-60 min 3-4 times this week to a workout.  Choose a time that you love to workout at.  This is a non-negotiable calendar event – complete with a reminder.

Next time I am going to discuss how to add purpose to your at-home workouts to feel more accomplished.

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