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Grit Summer Session

Summer Cycle

GRIT’s second cycle of 2018 will run from June 19 – Aug 9. We will continue to push towards the goal of using running to improve overall athletic ability. The first 8-week cycle proved to be a terrific opportunity to learn about GRIT member’s current strengths and opportunities for overall improvement. There are two areas that will provide a focus for the following cycle:

  • Sprinting Progressions! Look forward to incorporating some more speed work into the programming. Working over short distances, the program will look to improve overall running technique.
  • A More Circuit Style Training: Many runners forgo the opportunity to do anything but run, but we will start to use some more techniques that create a more balanced athlete. We did this a few times over the sprint cycle.

(Re)setting your baseline: Now that everyone has some good runs, we will retest our 400m and 1-mile run times in the coming weeks! Read about testing your baseline here

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Athlete Debriefs 

The Athlete Debrief is an opportunity for one-on-one conversations with Coach Andrew. The conversations can cover any topic or issue that you want to address, including race preparation, program design, personal goals, etc. The floor is yours to discuss any topic that is important to you. And, it’s free. 
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