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Winter 2022 Programming Cycle!!

We are beyond excited to be welcoming you back into the gym. We are going to jump right in by kicking off a new 8 week programming cycle!

For the next 8 weeks, beginning Monday January 31st, we will be Front Squatting once a week with a linear approach, starting with higher volume work at moderate loads and increasing until week 7, that will go back to a de-load week and cap off with a Heavy 3-Rep test at the end of March.

This cycle is written without the need to start with a test or baseline. Before Christmas we finished off with some impressive gains. We tested our Back Squat, Floor Press and Push Jerk!

Because we will be squatting 1x a week using percentages, if you are unsure about your front squat 1RM (it has been awhile), as a general rule you can use 70-85% of your back squat from the last cycle. 

The other half of our focus in this cycle is dedicated Gymnastic Strength sessions.The next two months will feature Strict Gymnastic Strength piece 1-2x per week to help increase out strict gymnastics strength. The combination of the Front Squats + Strict Gymnastics + and an increased prevalence of additional Skill work is going to have us primed to take on the unknown! 

Front Squat Cycle

  • Week 1 of 8 (1/3) – Working Week, 4×6 @ 80%
  • Week 2 of 8 (1/10) – Working Week, 2×6 @ 85 / 2×3 @ 90%
  • Week 3 of 8 (1/17) – Working Week, 4×3 @ 90%+
  • Week 4 of 8 (1/24) –  Working Week, 3×6 @ 85%
  • Week 5 of 8 (1/31) – Working Week, 4×3 @ 92%
  • Week 6 of 8 (2/7) – Working Week,  2×3 @ 95% / 1×3 @ <100%
  • Week 7 of 8 (2/14) – Deload Week, 4×3 @ 80%
  • Week 8 of 8 (2/21) – Heavy 3-Rep 

Weekly Commitments

  • Front Squat Cycle
  • Strict Gymnastic Strength
  • 1 Skill Day
  • 1 New or Classic Named Workout 


  • Heavy 3-Rep THRUSTER
  • New or Classic Benchmark Weekly

TESTING WEEK: Mar 21, 2022

Members….get fired up to head into spring with some big PRs, faster WOD times, and new skills!

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