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What’s coming up? – New Programming Cycle

What a crazy start to the year! We wrapped up a super sweaty December, jumped into January with 3 rep Back Squat and Strict Press Tests and then went headfirst into the 2023 CrossFit Open! (1 more workout left to go!)

With testing/ retesting already completed this week, we saw HUGE improvements from you. So many PR’s and so many improved movement patterns! With the endorphins flying high from testing and the Open, we know you are itching to know what is coming next.

Starting March 6th, this next cycle is going to be all about learning  how to pace yourselves in workouts instead of flying and dying or being too conservative! We will accomplish this by including interval workouts where the goal will be consistent times from set to set. 

This should help you understand where your 80% is for certain movements and combinations of movements so you can adjust accordingly when you tackle AMRAP or For Time workouts to pace a bit more appropriately to your current abilities!

 We will also be working another tempo strength cycle. It will begin with a 3-Rep test of the Deadlift, Bench Press, Front Squat, and Push Jerk. Tempo work will help build strength through the movement and through the end ranges of the movement to help keep you safe (#safetyissexy)while lifting and making you stronger at the same time! Gymnastics will still show up in strength once a week but it will vary from strict to kipping work depending on the week. The focus will be the Kipping Pull-Up this month where we will work on various “complexes” to help grow everyone’s efficiency on the rig! There is a named WOD called ’Cowabunga’ that will be a pure expression of the type of conditioning we are trying to give you in the interval style of training. ‘The Magnificent 7’, another WOD, is going to be an opportunity for you to take your “pacing” knowledge and apply it to a long GRIND workout…how great is that?! One teaches while the other allows application…SCIENCE! 

Weekly Commitments:

  • Testing new 3-Rep Strength Movements 
  • Following 3-Rep Tests, beginning Tempo Strength Cycle 
  • (2-3) Interval Workouts Weekly 
  • (1) Gymnastics Focused Strength Day 
  • (1) Partner Workout per week

Strength Cycle:

  • Week 1 of 9 (March 6) – 3-Rep Tests
  • Week 2 of 9 (March 13) – 2×6 / 2×6 / 1×6 (Various Tempos)
  • Week 3 of 9 (March 20) – 2×6 / 2×6 / 1×6 (Various Tempos)
  • Week 4 of 9 (March 27) – 2×6 / 2×6 / 1×6 (Various Tempos)
  • Week 5 of 9 (April 3) – 2×3 / 2×3 / 1×3 (Various Tempos)
  • Week 6 of 9 (April 10) – 2×3 / 2×3 / 1×3 (Various Tempos)
  • Week 7 of 9 (April 17) – 2×3 / 2×3 / 1×3 (Various Tempos)
  • Week 8 of 9 (April 24) – Deload Week
  • Week 9 of 9 (May 1) – 3-Rep Retests 

Sneak peak of what’s coming in May…. Remember Everyone Deployed (RED) Month.  Starting on May 6th, every Saturday for 5 weeks we will challenge ourselves by completing a CrossFit Hero WOD to help honor the brave men and women who have served our amazing country.  

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