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What you don’t know about personal training

Personal training is a term thrown around allll the time. Every fitness magazine, blog, website, Facebook ad, depicts it differently. So as a result, we all have our own idea of what personal training actually means. 

Things I hear about it:

  • It’s what Kim Kardashian relies on to “sculpt” her body? 
  • It’s what athletes do to prepare for competitions?
  • It’s what people with very specific goals do?
  • It’s what beginners need to start working out?

The truth is that personal training seems like such a broad concept, because it is. 

Depending on what gym or coach you work with, it will look different. So forget what you think you know about personal training for a minute. 

Let me tell you what personal training is like at 416 Fitness Club:

  1. Support and accountability 

If you’re ever given up on working out, or found yourself in an on-again off-again relationship with it, it’s because you were lacking support and accountability. Working out consistently is hard! Trying to do it on your own, amidst all the other things you have going on can leave you feeling even more stressed than before.  When you work with a 416 coach, your sessions are scheduled ahead of time, and as coaches, we are  committed to ensuring you develop a sustainable workout schedule. 

2) Programming customized to YOUR goals

Contrary to popular belief, coaches don’t sit back on their couch and say “Hm, I think I’ll have Emily do burpees today to cause that’s hard”. Haha. Our coaches take the time to get a deeper understanding of exactly what you’d like to achieve, whether pertaining to changes in body composition, performance goals, or mood and energy improvement. Once they’ve identified the exact end goal, they create custom programming that will get you there in the most effective and sustainable manner. For example, Noah’s goal of losing 10lbs will mean his hour of training with his coach will look different than the hour Emma spends with her trainer if her goal is to gain muscle. 

3) Unwavering commitment to proper form on all movements

Anyone can squat. And honestly, almost anyone can squat with a barbell on their back. Which is a scary thought. But the repercussions of improper form on movements is massive. The obvious reason is preventing injury. But there’s more:

Let me tell you a story. Back when I started working out, I started deadlifting on my own. It felt okay, so I kept going. But somehow, I never understood when other people were sore in their hamstrings and glutes after deadlifting. I felt it all in my quads. Nearly a year later I hit a wall, and didn’t see or feel progress. All I got were huge quads, which did not align with my goal at all. It wasn’t until I worked with my coach, who taught me how to engage my hamstrings. After just 3 months of training with her, I was hitting PRs, and my goal of seeing definition in my legs actually happened due to activating the correct muscles during my lifts. Something I never fully understood until I became a coach myself.

When you’re training with our coaches, the top priority is always teaching proper movement, technique, and mechanics. This not only ensures your safety, but also optimizes every workout so that you don’t end up a confused quad-dominant individual like me. 

Now that you know what personal training at 416 Fitness Club actually entails, are you ready to start? 

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