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What is Functional Fitness and Why Should I Do It?

What is functional fitness you ask? The answer is simple and it’s an extremely effective way to train your body. Functional fitness is a method of training that utilizes multi-joint and multi-muscle movements that you probably utilize in your day-to-day life in some capacity. Examples of some functional movements are deadlifts, squats, and overhead press, which can also be seen in day-to-day life as picking an object off the floor, sitting down onto the floor or a couch, and putting a heavy object on a shelf. Other types of functional movement include crawling, pulling your body weight, and twisting. 

If you’re wondering why you should include this type of training in your life, let us tell you why! 

It helps you become more efficient at performing daily tasks, with less risk of injury. Most people have hurt their backs picking something up incorrectly or tweaking their neck trying to hold something heavy or maybe even stepping off a curb in a funny way. Functional fitness training will help you become more capable and strong at performing these simple daily tasks that can sometimes be quite taxing to our bodies, depending on where our weaknesses are. Learning how to brace your core while lifting, strengthening your back and neck stabilizing muscles, and doing weighted step-ups and step-downs are all exercises that you would expect to see in a functional fitness session, group class, or private training and are great ways to mitigate the type of injuries listed above! Over time, the constant repetition and progressive overload of these types of movements equate to a stronger and more capable you. 

This will set you up for a happier and healthier life. Not only does this style of training help you build physical confidence and strength but it also really strengthens your mental game. Being in a healthy and strong body, whatever that looks like for you specifically is a very empowering thing. It looks different for different people, based on our different abilities and body sizes but no matter who you are and where you are at, functional fitness can add so much value to your life. 

Here at 416 Fitness Club, we combine functional training with fun and expertise. Expect to learn a lot about your body, movement, what feels good for you, and how to become a stronger and resilient human. We are all about sharing experience and fitness through community and connection. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, are well on your way, or are feeling a bit lost after being at it for a long time – we have a plan to help keep you on track to be aligned with your life and fitness goals. 

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