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Summer of strong…

Hey 416 Fam,

Just like that, we’re on to the next programming focus! We saw some massive gains and improvement over the previous 8 weeks, so congratulations for putting in the hard work to improve your fitness!

In June and July we’ve got a lot cooking. While the temptation to skip the gym and find a patio can be hard to avoid, we’ve put together 8 weeks of work that we think you’re gonna love (or hate..but secretly love).

Here’s where our focus is going to be starting Monday, June 10th.

Bench Press and Back Squat

Getting back to basics with two of the most traditional strength movements that exist.
Bench Press doesn’t show up that often throughout the year, so this is our chance to build some strength and get some volume in. Back Squat is a staple in our programming so we’re putting some focus back on it for the next 8 weeks. Our strength progression with these movements will follow a Wave Loading progression I.e week 1: 12, 10, 8, – 12, 10, 8 reps. Where the second wave should be heavier than the first wave. Each week we try to increase load as we decrease reps.

Push Jerk and Power Snatch

During the next 8 week you can expect a lot of focus dialing in our speed, power and technique in the Push Jerk and Power Snatch. We see these movements often in our programming, so this our chance to get a little more exposure to them. We’ll be testing a 3 rep max in each. Our progression will include a mix of heavy days, complexes, and paused positional work.


As always we’ve got some spicy WOD’s to test and improve upon over the next 8 weeks. You can expect a wide spectrum of time domains and mental and physical challenges including everyone’s favourite “1 Mile Run”. You can get some extra running in with Coach Elvis in the 416 Run Club, every Sunday!

What you can expect week to week:

While we like to keep things constantly varied, over the next 8 weeks, you will see consistency on the following days:

Monday: EMOM’s – Every minute on the minute work, that will include our strength work for the day.
Wednesday: Long WOD – This is a staple at 416. Expect 18-30 minute sweaty workouts
Saturday: Partner WOD – What’s better than working out alone? Working out with a partner!

The next 8 weeks will be tough, but also very rewarding! Make sure you lean into your coaches to help you along the way. If you’re looking to re-establish some goals, book a Member Check-in with Megs.

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