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Should I Just Give Up?

Let’s face it.  Fitness for most, comes in waves.  Some months we crush it, we workout every day, we eat well, we stretch and recover, and we party less.  Other months, we let the smallest excuse stop us from taking an hour to sweat. 

Working out is challenging, motivation and time are hard to come by, and life can get busy quickly.  Being stuck at home in quarantine probably doesn’t help either.

If you’ve let yourself fall off more than you wanted to since you’ve been stuck at home, ask yourself why? What was the reason or excuse that you kept telling yourself over the last 2.5 months? 

“I don’t have any equipment”

“I don’t know what to do”

“This will pass soon and when it does, I’ll start then”

“It’s just a couple beers a night, nothing crazy”


Here’s a quick exercise (not physical), answer the following questions:

By September 1, 2020 I want to: (Eg. Run a half marathon, lose 10 lbs, get a six pack, get off medication….)

Why is this goal important to you?

How will your life improve by accomplishing this goal?

Who, other than you, would be positively affected when you accomplish this goal?

What, if anything, would hold you back from achieving this?


If you’re anything like me, the simple declaration can start the motivation process.  Self starters will take this, develop their plan and go.  Most, however,  need guidance, accountability, and support.  

Find a professional.  Develop a plan.  Get back on track.

So try this:  Make an appointment to chat with me.   Tell me about your goals, and why you have a hard time getting moving.  Let’s map out a plan that works for you.  Maybe you need personal training instead of group training, maybe you need a program you can complete at home 3 days a week, maybe you need some nutrition advice, or maybe you just need some accountability.  

Email me personally.  Dan@crossfit416.ca


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