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Programming Preview – November 19th

Hello Everyone,
We have made it to the last week in our current programming focus. I hope you guys are getting excited for some retesting that will be happening next week. To finish strong, we are going to start the week off with station work that will focus on some unilateral movements and rope climbs. Tuesday’s couplet will include hang power snatch and toes to bar. Hand stand push -up  practice and the CrossFit benchmark workout Diane will go down on Wednesday. Our only focus this week will be squat clean on Thursday. Friday we will focus on improving overhead stability with Turkish get-ups and overhead lunges. Who doesn’t like to run in the cold??  We have a birthday WOD designed by Meaghen who was athlete of the month a while back. Celebrating her birthday on Saturday with a partner wod she calls Swolemate.  We will finish the week with Bar Muscle-up practice.
I can’t wait to see you guys put in the work, have fun, and get stronger this week. Happy 6th week. Check out the videos of some of the movements we will be working on this week!

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