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Not motivated to work from home? Read this.

“The more you move, the easier is it to keep moving”

I saw this quote on some influencer’s instagram story lately, and it stuck with me. It’s simple, but offers a great explanation for why some people have been able to stay motivated to work out from home, and others really struggle.

Starting is always the hardest. Those first couple weeks of getting into the workout mindset, telling your body to do the air squat, to hold the plank, to push the weight overhead, feels pretty terrible. You feel weak, slow, and the thoughts of “I USED to be able to do so much more than this” adds a mental challenge on top of the physical one. It feels too hard, and whether you do the workout or not doesn’t make a big difference in your life. You don’t have much to lose. Sounds familiar? …oof.

This doesn’t sound too happy right now I know, but keep reading!!

If you’re nodding your head, chances are you’re one of the people who have been in this position, and maybe you still feel this way. The mountain you have to climb to get out of this rut is a steep one. But if you can push past that initial phase where 99% of people give up, you will become one of the people who stay motivated to workout.


By sticking it out until the first win. Once you see or feel a positive change, instantly a switch gets flipped. It’s like the most powerful hit of serotonin. I’ve seen this so many times with members. The first 5lbs on the scale, the first week of increased energy, the first time completing a workout with a harder movement progression. 


Because that progress feels so amazing. The sense of accomplishment fuels the “if I did this in 2 weeks, what can I do in the next 2, 4, 6, 8?? You’re a better version of yourself than you were 2 weeks ago. Now you’re chasing an EVEN better version. 

From that point forward, you no longer have to work so hard to find the motivation for these home workouts.  You’ve been moving consistently, and you’re in the groove. I had a member tell me recently “after 10 days, I found myself adding in a fourth workout because it started to feel like the best way to start my mornings before work!”  Boom. 

The transition from work from home life into your workout feels seamless compared to day 1. 

“The more you move, the easier is it to keep moving”

Are there days when life gets overwhelming and you’ll experience slip ups and motivation droughts? Yes of course. That’s why we provide accountability coaching. On those days especially, your coach is there to give the pep talk, kick in the butt, or modification to keep you on track.

We’re here are ready to give you all the support you need to push past the initial challenge of starting to workout again.

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