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New Programming Cycle: October 2018

Good work everyone over the last 6 weeks, and congrats on the many PRs, and technical improvements in oly lifts and gymnastics.   

After our transition week, we are starting off the new cycle with testing week. Our focus is for the next cycle is improving building our foundation for hinging, squatting, lunging, pressing and most importantly core strength.  We will be seeing different variations all of these movement patterns such as unilateral, bilateral, high volume, and heavy weight.   If you’re looking to improve gymnastics, make sure you don’t miss our Wednesday and Sunday classes.

I will be posting a breakdown of the each week beforehand, so all you guys will know what is coming at you.  Metcons and reps and sets for our strength work will be posted on WODIFY at 9:30pm the night before.

As coaches we are so excited to deliver the knowledge we have to make your experience at the gym amazing every single day. Enjoy the process and don’t forget to listen to your body during class time and rest as needed.  Most importantly have so much fun. 

-Coach Derya

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