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Mobility minute

Ft. Coach Hannah!

Here’s an easy ankle mobility test and fix for you!

Step 1: Measure out a thumbs distance from a wall and line your big toe up against the back of your hand

Step 2: Find a half kneeling position and keep your hips square to the wall

Step 3: Without letting your heel lift, drive your knee towards the wall and see how close you can get. Where do you feel tightness? Back or front of the ankle?

Problem A – Tight back of ankle

Fix: Try foam rolling your calves starting at the base and slowly working your way up for about a minute and re-test

Option B – Tight front of ankle

Fix: Try a banded ankle distraction. Place a band at the base of your ankle just above your foot. Be careful not to place the band too high (on your shin) or you won’t get any benefit from this drill. Move your foot forward so you have tension on the band pulling back into your ankle joint. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

Try incorporating these ankle mobility drills before squatting, and see how much your squat improves!

– Coach Hannah

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