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Member highlight – Simone!

Meet Simone!! A 416 Fitness queen, she first joined us 5 years ago when she moved to Canada. She’s since been our most consistent 6:30am member and never shows up without a smile 🙂 Check our her journey with us:

“In March 2017 we moved from the Netherlands to Toronto for the job of my husband. We love it here so much. In the weekend we love to explore and visit nice places and hike beautiful trails and cook together nice meals. I have worked my whole life in fashion. I now work at a high-end store which is a unique blend of shopping, experiential retail and unparalleled service.  

I already did CrossFit in The Netherlands and the first thing I said to my husband when we land we have to find a Crossfit gym. The first time I stepped into 416 Fitness Club I knew this was the right one. Great environment with nice and friendly people. The coaching is very good and they really keep an eye on everything and everyone. 

I love that CrossFit challenges me mentally and physically. The 6:30am workout is my thing, and I love it so much . I love eating healthy and working out that is my lifestyle and I feel good by doing it.

My first impression In the beginning I thought that everyone was a born athlete. OMG everyone is so good. I wasn’t sure If I could keep up with everyone. Everyone is there to help you and improve your technique so you can get better every time. There is always room for improvement with everything!

I was very proud to be a part of “the Open”. It brings you to a different level and you can surprise yourself with what you are capable of. That feeling when you did something you were not sure you were able to is priceless. I am still working on not to pull to much from the arms with the Snatch and the Clean. I have a few strict Pull ups but want to have kipping pull ups. There is still much to work on!”

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