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Member Highlight – Nayeli!

Meet Nayeli!

After her husband and daughter talked up CrossFit for years, she finally gave it a go! We’re so happy she’s joined! Check out her story:

“I’m from Mexico and I’ve been in Canada for 15 years, I have 2 daughters, I work from home in the Architecture Industry, so I’m sitting around during the day a lot, lol 🙂 That means I’m always busy. So, for me,  joining 416 fitness has become the most important part of the day: it’s time for myself.

My oldest daughter and my husband have been into CrossFit for a while and the changes I’ve seen on them and how much they love it, made me want to join it too.

I wanted to have the experience of proper training for weight lifting, I wanted to improve my physical and mental strength.  My first impression was that lifting weight was harder than I thought. Everyone there is committed to getting better every day, coaches are extremely helpful, they are always pushing you to get the best from you which I love!  Now I feel more confident to lift weights, thanks to them! Also, in a short period, my conditioning has improved. CrossFit gives you an instant reward that makes you feel empowered, it gives you confidence, strength, and focus that reflects on your daily life.

Right now I’m focusing on technique especially on the overhead squat, and working with Karolina has made a huge difference so far!”

Keep crushing it Nayeli!!

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