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Member highlight – Lauren

Meet Lauren!

 Lauren has taken what it means to be a strong, badass mama to the next level. She’s been crushing workouts with us pre, during, and post pregnancy amidst the pandemic. We’re so proud of her hard work and consistency. Here is what she has to say about the journey!

“My biggest frustration was, and still is, not having access to a bar, and losing some of my hard earned gains. However, when we lost in-person training I was early in my pregnancy and knew I would have to give up the bar shortly anyway. Ultimately, training at home was a Covid-silver-lining for me, both pre- and postpartum, and I’m grateful to have had access to the programming. 

Staying motivated is easy with great people and coaches. There were definitely times I’d get dms to encourage me to sign on. It’s wild to think I have foraged/fortified friendships over zoom during lockdown – It’s weird to actually see people in real life! Now that we’re back to some semblance of normal, outdoor class is something I really look forward to. 

I took a long break to recover after my daughter was born but I’m blown away at how fast I made progress upon my return. That’s been my biggest achievement in the last couple of months! Thanks no doubt to proper modifications, pacing and excellent coaching support. 

She’s too young to understand yet, but I love that my daughter is exposed to regular fitness as a part of a healthy lifestyle. As a new mom it’s even more important to practice self care and safeguard my mental health. Thanks for helping me fill my cup!”

We are so impressed by you Lauren, and can’t wait to watch you get those gains back with the barbell and continue levelling up !!

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