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Member highlight – David!

Sub 40:00 Murph, 145lb snatch, CrossFit competitions…meet David!

David has been one of our most consistent members, and his hard work has been paying off hard as he continues to scratch off goal after goal. Here is his story:

“I’m originally from the UK and relocated to Toronto in 2018 with work. I work for one of the large Canadian banks, focusing on technology projects. I started training in the UK to support my weekend hobby of karting. In my championship, races were 1 hour long plus practice & qualifying sessions. Long stints with close racing in a kart is physically and mentally demanding and the training helped massively. My training program consisted lots of bootcamp style classes, swimming twice a week and some running. 

A coach at my globo gym was from Toronto so I asked for recommendations as to where to train when we moved. Given I was likely hanging up my race helmet for a while, she said “You should try Crossfit. I think you’ll love it – you’ll probably do well at the gymnastics and find the weightlifting a challenge”. Once we’d settled into our unit, I looked on maps.crossfit.com and 416 was the closest. 3 years later and I can confidently say that coach was right on the mark.

My initial impression upon walking into 416 was that it had a great energy & everyone was working incredibly hard… way harder than I was used to seeing in a gym. That hasn’t changed in the slightest but I’ve learned there is a great community here too.

It’s hard to pick a single highlight from my time at 416 however there are a few stand out moments from 2022 – two of which were achieving goals that I’d set for myself at the start of the year. The first was completing a sub 40:00 Murph in May. I’d worked towards it for a long time and it took everything I had in me to get under that 40 minutes mark. I’m going to try it “un-partioned” in 2023. The second was pulling a 145# snatch during the 416 Classic. The snatch is a movement I’ve struggled with since starting Crossfit however Marino & Whitneys workshop helped tweak a couple of things in my movement. It was great to finally tick off the goal at the Classic on my 3rd attempt after 2 failed attempts, with a whole bunch of people cheering me on. I’m really excited to see where my numbers go from here.

The final highlight was competing with Coach Megs, Coach Karolina & Alex at the UG Series event in Collingwood. We executed the workouts well, got some fantastic comments from the judges about our lack of no-reps, finished right in the middle of the pack & had a fun time doing it (for the most part… ask Karolina about Event 1!)

Only a couple of goals remain on the whiteboard: A sub 4-minute “Fran” (21-15-9 Thrusters & Pull-ups), a sub 5-minute mile run and possibly another marathon row to see if I can beat my previous time. I’ll be sitting down with Karolina soon to map out a few more performance goals for 2022/23…”

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