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Member highlight – Brianne!

Law school, pandemic lockdowns, new jobs, long days….no problem for our highlight member, Brianne! She has consistently prioritized her health and fitness goals through it all. Check her out:

“I started crossfit in 2018 in my final year of law school. This was following my first experience working at a law firm (as a 3 month summer student) which I came out of feeling like I was in the worst shape of my life. I was looking for something different, and wanted to try something that would teach me how to lift weights properly (although I had always liked exercise,  I had never lifted anything heavier than a 10 lbs dumbell). I started crossfit at my local gym and I was hooked!

I joined 416 when I moved to Toronto for articling. Consistently challenging, fun workouts, excellent coaches and a great community have kept me healthy and sane through some crazy years of navigating articling and my first few years as a junior lawyer during the pandemic. 

The thing that stuck out to me from the beginning at 416 was the coaches, who continue to be the best part of the gym. They are all great at what they do and genuinely care about every individual’s progress and goals.

You asked me about a “brightspot” or proud moment at 416. It is hard to pick one moment because I think the biggest pride I have through 416 is each small moment where I learn a new gymnastics skill, get a little bit better at a lift, or bang out a wod rx for the first time. These cumulative improvements have pushed me to be the strongest, healthiest and most confident I have ever been, while I keep looking forward to challenging myself in new ways every day.”

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