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Maximize Your At-Home Workout – Tip #2 – Adding Purpose

Why is it so hard to come up with a reason to workout while at home?

One absolute truth that exists with 416 clients and working out is that when there is an underlying purpose or measurable goal that they are looking to achieve, they become consistent, determined and dialled in.

Some of the most effective goals have time parameters, eg. I want to get jacked for my beach vacation to Cuba in 8 weeks ,  I want to lose 15 lbs for my wedding next summer,  I want to run a sub 4 hour Marathon in the spring.  Subconsciously these time parameters provide a high level of motivation and make a workout routine easy to adopt due to a given start and end date.

Enter COVID, and being locked down inside your home with no end in sight.  All travel plans are put on hold, your wedding is postponed and the Marathon has been cancelled.  All of your purpose to workout is gone……

How can you recreate purpose to your At-Home workout?

Start with goals, but focus on goals that aren’t performance related and don’t overcomplicate it.

Try something new – have you done yoga? Pilates? Worked out in the morning? Worked out in the snow (shout out to our Online members who brave the snow in the outdoor classes), Zoom class! Or Zoom Personal Training session with your favourite coach

Make a personal challenge – 100 squats each day for 30 days, 5 workouts each week for 4 weeks.  We’re currently doing a Bingo challenge with prizes throughout the month of December to add some extra purpose.

Fix a nagging injury – Contact our partners at OhFast for professional help and at-home exercises for healing purposes.

Leaderboards and community – In our 416 online program our coaches customize workouts based on client goal, and we measure all progress in the Train Heroic app.  Seeing the leaderboards, progress, or other members completing the workout provides required purpose to get your training in while at home.

It might feel hard to find purpose to workout now.  You might have to manufacture it.  However, at the end of each workout you will always say “I’m glad I did my workout”!.

Next time I am going to talk about what type of workouts are the best for you to do at home.

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