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How Will You Respond to 2021?

2020… Probably a year that most of us want to forget.  We have all been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another.

As we begin 2021, there is a lot of optimism, even as we sit here in another forced shutdown.  Reflecting on everything has been an eye opening exercise, specifically looking back to how I responded to the challenge put in front of me.  The two most prominent emotions that I feel are pride and gratefulness.

I am so proud of all of the staff and coaches at 416, who have worked incredibly hard with an unrelenting desire to help our members keep some normalcy during the pandemic.   The effort and willingness to go above and beyond has been extremely inspiring.  Moving from the gym floor to behind a computer, keeping members accountable and driven, coaching zoom classes with high energy, and braving the bitter December cold to coach outdoor workouts showed a level of resiliency and commitment that I will never forget.

I am so grateful for the community of members that 416 continues to serve in what has been the most challenging year of each of their own lives.  The members that put their trust in our ability to pivot and still be part of their life as a guiding light to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Their routine changed but they continued to find value in what we provide and the effort the coaches have put in to keep them moving! Thank you.

The new year always brings about motivation to make changes, set goals, and be better than you were the year before. This year I believe your plan should start by reflecting on how you responded to the pandemic and being in lockdown.

Did you get fired up, create a plan, lean on a coach, and continue to work through your goals?

Did you make an effort to stay positive and move forward, but the Tiger King, and the Last Dance consumed you?

Did you sit back and say I’m just going to ride this out, and get back to things once everything re-opens….?

Did you become very frustrated, and slip into some unhealthy habits or even depression?

The ups and downs may have brought you through all 4 responses at some point in the last 9 months.

No matter what your response was, how you respond to 2021 doesn’t have to be the same.  You can change it.  You can set goals, create accountability, build your relationships, develop healthy habits, work harder in your job…even if we’re still in lockdown.

As a small business owner who has been completely closed for 8 months now by the end of this next lockdown, my frustration with this whole situation is reaching it’s peak. But challenging circumstances make you grow, and choosing to face the pandemic head-on and pivot and adapt is what I am going to do.

What will be different in your response to 2021?


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