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GRIT – Early Season Recap

GRIT’s Spring session is now in it’s forth week. Many in group capped off week 3 by testing taking part in the Sporting Life 10k. A big congratulations to all those who took part!!! 

Early Season Highlights

This year, the program started with a standard warm-up. We focused on torso activation, drills to improve motor control and practice accelerations. The warm-ups will continue to evolve, but the benefits of having standardized warm-up are immediate to see. They serve as a movement screen to see who is moving well during each class and help the flow of the class.

The workouts over the last few weeks have included:

1. Pace Masters – This focused on controlling pace. Each person ran out from the starting line and were given less time to get back. The intent was to see who could successfully pace themselves.

2.  Fast, Faster, Fastest – This workout had each person run at three different speeds over increasing times – essentially kicking it up a gear each time. For example, start with 20 seconds at an easy pace, then increase the speed between 20-40 seconds before kicking it up to an hard pace between 40-60 seconds. Rest and repeat.

3. Overload – We use overload training methods in GRIT… This workout combined sled drags, overhead plate carries and medball throws in combination with running.

4. 22/40 – This workout is an interval style runs with 40 second hard efforts following 2 minute and 20 second moderate efforts. The prescribed moderate pace and hard effort is designed to promote a strong finish at the end of races.

5. Switch It Up – Working in partners, this workout combined sandbag carries and bodyweight exercises. An early season favourite. 

6. Test Day 1 – We tested the 1 mile. The 1 mile test provides us with some useful data with regarding aerobic ability. This was followed up with a running based circuit workout.  The data collected on this day will be immediately implemented on this Tuesday, May 15.

Moving forward, GRIT will continue to implement the above types of workouts and will introduce additional techniques to help people get the most out of the class and support better overall movement.

This week the class will test their 400 metre time. It’s a great test because it provides insight into the anaerobic energy system (before aerobic takes over and becomes dominant). Together, the two test will start to be used to provide each person will personal split times on track days.

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