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Commit to Movement – 4 ways to “Move” your way through the lockdown.

We just keep taking punches.

This is what I feel like after each and every Doug Ford press conference, and after every new lockdown that is thrown our way.  

We’re in the “corner” and 2020 (now 2021) and COVID just keep coming at us.

This boxing analogy can go even further.  In boxing the two things that you need to avoid are 1. Getting Angry and 2. Losing Your Focus.

Anger leads to risks which leads to bad decision making.  In boxing this generally will lead to getting out control and pushing so hard that you run out of gas.  Once you lose focus you drop your guard, your hands fall low and you open yourself up for a punch in the mouth.

To say that I haven’t been angry or lost focus during the last 12 months would be a lie.  I have had many times where at points, living alone and owning a fitness business in Toronto that has been forced closed for 10 months and counting during this lockdown, has gotten the best of me.   But what I have learned is that just like in boxing, if you get hit and stand still…you’re going to get hit again…you have to keep moving.   By moving you give yourself the ability to punch back.

“Moving” right now is actually the best medicine for all of us.  The pandemic has shown us the importance of our health and fitness.  What is not talked enough about is how improving your health and fitness will actually help defend against the virus and even more importantly defend against the harmful mental and physical impact that this lockdown is having on us.

So commit to moving – Here are 4 ways we can use movement to punch the virus and lockdown right in the nose.

1.Commit to workouts – how many workouts are you going to do this month?  Write it down.  3 or 4 per week?

2.Commit walking  in sunlight and fresh air – how many hours per day will you commit to being outside?   Write it down.

3.Commit to a challenge. – 50 push-ups. 50 air squats..50 burpees??? Choose something each day that you will do for the month of March.

4.Commit to breaks – break up your work day with mini movement routines.  Stand-up, stretch high and low, twist and bend.  Write out your 2 min movement break routine and complete it once for every 30 min you’re sitting at your desk.

There is a well known saying “movement is medicine”, in this case movement is defence against the negative effects of a never ending lockdown.

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