Maximize Your At-Home Workout – Tip #2 – Adding Purpose

Why is it so hard to come up with a reason to workout while at home? One absolute truth that exists with 416 clients and …

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Maximize Your At-Home Workouts – Tip #1 Schedule & Routine

You’re stuck at home, gyms are closed, so you’ve tried to do some at-home workouts to keep up with your fitness or at least not …

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New 4-Week Programming Focus

The last 3 weeks were a blast! We geared back into a strength cycle and slowly ramped up the volume — training never felt so …

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416 Fitness Club – Our Vision, Focus, and Values

Nine years has given us the confidence to really understand who we are and how to deliver the best service possible to our community.  Our …

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Parents. Technology isn’t evil.

Parents in 2020 are constantly being pulled in two directions: “Technology is a great tool your child can use to learn!”  “This game will keep …

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A Time For Change

Almost 9 years ago I opened 416 Fitness Club.  “CrossFit” as a brand gave me the opportunity to become an independent small business owner with …

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What Should My Kids Do This Summer??

The question that every parent is asking themselves right now.  For most of us, COVID-19 has put a big giant X through our summer plans. …

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How Do I Get A 6-Pack, Fast?

So the “dad bod” is all the rage right now.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that most men(and women) would rather have a 6-pack.  But where …

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It’s the Little Things

I am really hard on myself.  I always have been.  I hold myself to a really high standard in everything that I do.   While this has helped …

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Is your workout the hardest thing you’ll face today?

Working out IS NOT the hardest thing you’ll face today. Giving 100% attention to your kids and/or spouse Dealing with depression Managing anxiety Having tough conversations with …

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