About Outdoor Workouts…

“I don’t think I’m cut out for that” “I won’t get a good workout in” “I don’t want to catch a cold!” I hear you. …

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Snack Monster – 3 Tips to make your cupboards work for you!

I used to be the type of person who could buy all kinds of treats, have ice cream in the freezer and actually consume it …

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New Programming Cycle – March 2021

There is so much to be excited about right now! The weather is starting to get warmer, the vaccine is starting to rollout, massive gains …

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3 Things Fit People Are Doing In Lockdown

Staying fit amidst gym closures and freezing temperatures feels like an impossible task.  I mean, keeping up with exercise pre-pandemic was already challenging, so add …

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Commit to Movement – 4 ways to “Move” your way through the lockdown.

We just keep taking punches. This is what I feel like after each and every Doug Ford press conference, and after every new lockdown that …

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The Foolproof Way to 10k Steps a Day

“Walk 10 thousand steps every day!” You probably hear this all the time. In fact it’s hard to go a day without seeing something about …

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Spending so much time at home and no restaurants to go spend time in should mean I am cooking and eating well right?! I don’t …

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The Reason Why You’re Failing To Stay Fit in Lockdown

Remember the gym? That place you used to crush workouts and feel unstoppable? Let’s take a second to reminisce here… The black mats, the sweet …

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How to beat lethargy and get your workouts in

“I’m just too tired” “When I finish work I just don’t want to move” “I always want to nap” “I can’t get myself off the …

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All New 6-Week Programming Cycle

Hey 416’ers , What better way to start February than with a jolt of focused programming!!! We’re excited to challenge and coach you to some …

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