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Barbell Breakdown: Wrap Up

What a fantastic 4 weeks. I had such a great time coaching my 8 athletes through Olympic lifting progressions to better their technique and understanding of the Clean, Jerk and Snatch. We focused on mobility, the importance of jumping and landing and the big one – using the appropriate weight that will allow you to perform with optimal movement, speed and power. Once that is established, then weight can be added. Through doing this, we were able to find slight faults in each athletes movement that had been leading to frustration and missed lifts. By the end of the 4 weeks, movement had tightened up substantially. We had a few PR’s and many many movement PR’s (which are the most important in my opinion!). The biggest take away for me and the participants was establishing a better understanding of how and why a movement is performed or why certain muscles need to be used and engaged. This greater understanding equates to better movement and better speed and power generation. It’s not just moving aimlessly, it’s understanding how to control your body to create maximum output.
            – Coach Hannah

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